We’ve had a long time relationship with designers Ron & Pen of Leroy Jenkins . Their contributions to the show can be found everywhere in the Loft. Thanks much guys, the character at the Loft is very much because of you.  


During the initial audio planning phase, we knew we needed a way to separate the recorded audio mix from the house mix. Luckily for us, our friends at Presonus had recently released exactly what we needed. ThePresonus Studio Live 16.4.2 is digital mixer and firewire interface that has an amazing amount of power for it’s size and price. Built in dynamics and effects processors allowed us to dial in great sound during the live show but also saved us money and space. As time went by, the bands required more inputs, and we outgrew the 16 channel version. Presonus loved the show and agreed to upgrade us to theStudio Live 24.4.2 for nothing! The aditional 8 channels have been just what we needed and allow us to accomodate larger bands with more complex setups.. Thanks Presonus.


Shortly after the Chico Mann show, we developed a relationship with the guys atFocusrite. After watching the show, they offered us two 8 channel OctoPre MKIIpre amps and an ISA One Analog mic pre amp. This stuff is amazing! Thanks!


We were honored to have worked with NatGeo Records and the Italian band signed to their label called The R’s.  When we die, we can say we worked with Nat Geo!


Our friends at the bodega around the corner called “Caporinno’s” have donated mixers and booze to the show because they believe in supporting their local community. As a gesture of thanks, we hope that you will visit Caporinnos if you need booze, soda, snacks, or smokes. Make a right when you exit the door of the Loft, make another right on sixth street and another right on Adams street. Capporinno’s is on the right side – blue awning. 528 Adams Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 / (201) 659-4912.


My neighbor Neeta owns a really cool local boutique called Aaraa.  Neeta and her husband Phil have let us rock the show for over a year now.  They have always supported us and have somehow found it in their hearts to tolerate the loud bass and vibrations on Friday nights.  We sincerely thank Neeta & Phil for their kindness and understanding. Some day, we’ll get a budget to soundproof this place!