Covering a performance from a variety of angles makes for great video. Every LATL show is filmed with anywhere from 4 to 6 DSLR cameras shooting 1080p @ 24fps. Each of our shooters is either a professional paid photographer & videographer or is majorinhg in film or photography in college.


We understand that it’s important for performers to feel comfortable when playing live shows. At the same time, we know good sound is equally as important to a listener, and so we’ve made it a priority to invest in industry standard equipment such as Shure, Sennheiser, Presonus, Yamaha, Mackie, Heil & Focusrite…

We respectfully ask all musicians to consider the size of the space when performing. Our goal is to make everyone happy but there is only so much we can do with what we have.


1966 Slingerland Jazz Drum-Kit (4pc)
Yamaha Snare
Zildjian A Custom Cymbals
Remo Heads

1968 Silvertone Replica Tube Guitar Amp Combo
1982 Acoustic Bass Cabinet and Head

1966 Yamaha Keyboard Amp/Speaker


We take our mixdowns seriously. Each of our shows performance audio is mixed down in a professional SIR studio by a professional audio engineer.